How This Single Mom is Coaching Millions Online to Live Their Ultimate Life

Read on Medium: Inside: "From the beginning Amena faced challenges. Born as a premie and nursed in a nunnery at birth in San Diego, CA for the first few months of her life. In a world to a loving mother and busy Navy man that was often out of the picture. Faced by a difficult early life, lend her to believe that she was not enough. Though those times, made who she is today and gives her the ability to coach others since she has lived though many challenges and successes. In 2009 she was in her 20s, working on her family, businesses, and homeschooling her three kids, the business her and her partner built since 2000 sold in the multi-millions and life seemed good! But like with success, comes setbacks, after a rocky marriage and business partnership. The couple split ways and Amena, her 3 kids, and 6 pets where broke, broken and alone in the 10 years that followed. “I forgot how to live. I lost hope, direction, support, my beliefs. I felt worthless. I felt used. I was embarrassed. I worked so much for the dream life and was believing I had it. But it was a faulthood. It was a dream. The partnership was my life, I got lost in it. I had to find me. Love me. Support me. and Believe in me.” — Amena Kay Thornton As Amena rebuilt her life, now as an only parent, she found peace and comfort in helping coach others to refocus their mindset and rebuild themselves...." continue to read on Medium: