Discipline VS Motivation? What is the Difference?

So you are trying to figure out if you need more discipline or motivation to take on your next big life moves?

You are lost and seeking some quick answers to get your best foot forward to launch, but are stuck thinking about why you are not getting motivated.

Maybe it is not motivation, it's discipline. 

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Let's look at the difference between discipline and motivation and figure out how I can help you successfully get on track to hitting those goals. Here is a list of what it means to be disciplined and motivated to action:

  • Discipline is a mindset. 
  • Motivation is a task set to improve your mindset.
  • Discipline is an action.
  • Motivation is a driver to take an action.
  • Discipline is a new habit.
  • Motivation gets you ready each day to continue the new habit.
  • Discipline is setting boundaries.
  • Motivation is staying true to those boundaries.
  • Discipline is writing out your goals.
  • Motivation is sources that get you excited to reach your goals.

As you read discipline and motivation are different but are both needed to reach success in reaching your goals. Both play a part in improving your daily life and helping you achieve greatness with your time.

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Here is How to set up your Discipline and Motivational Drivers for Success:

1. Set high enough goals to give you a challenge. Remember for change to happen you much challenge yourself.

2. Discipline yourself to stick to the goals by setting up easy daily wins. Over the next few weeks set one to two daily adjustments to work on that will be working to hit your goal, then add more.

3. Add motivational speeches to your phone, motivational music tracks, add motivational people to your social media friends, and follow people that motivate you to be better each day. (Start deleting or hiding the rest.)

Another way to help stay disciplined and motivated is with a coach! There are a ton of coaches now online ready to help guide you on the plan to success using discipline and motivation. They learned by their own trial and error so you don't have to waste your time the long way.

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ALL MY BEST ❤️ Amena Kay Thornton, author, founder, CEO of Amena Global Enterprises