Life Coach: How to Find a Life Coach? What is a Life Coach?

On your search for a Life Coach I am sure you been asking yourself a ton of questions related to why you should pay for a life coach to what type of life coach you need to what you should be looking for in a life coach.

Life Coach Amena teaches how to get clients

Let's be clear on a few key points on what is a Life Coach, and what is NOT a Life Coach first and foremost. Here is a quick list to help speed up finding your life coach:

Life Coach 101 (This can vary on the coach.)

  • A life coach is self defined. Anyone can be a life coach. 
  • A life coach learns methods based on personal trails and errors.
  • A life coach listens and adjust program to individual needs.
  • A life coach is not a therapist. A therapist is accredited by a school. A life coach should not be compared to a therapist, since they are two different skills. --keep reading--
  • A life coach teaches in groups or in private, with an online course, books, and/ or other audio, visual, and other mediums. Including live events.
  • A life coach is not there to fix you! They are there to teach you to learn to fix yourself.

MOST IMPORTANT: A life coach is paid to save you time and the cost of trail and error. Faster than hours of reading, thousands in wasted trails, and still not having the correct method only the recipe. (Anyone can read a recipe, but a chef knows how to cook.)

As you have read life coach are people. They are people that have experienced challenges in life others are facing each day, have learn the best methods to achieve success, and is dedicated to helping others get the same or better results.

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How to Find a Life Coach?

There are literally Life Coaches everywhere online and off. Since it is not an accredited skill and one based on life experiences instead. Yes, even you are a life coach! People love to give free options and advise everywhere. Have you been on Facebook today? Don't choose the first coach you find. Ever! Ok??

Well then how to a find MY Life Coach, Amena? I know that is what you are thinking and why you are still reading this. This is how to find YOUR Life Coach:

1. Stop hunting. 
2. Set aside some time to think.
3. Define your target goals to achieve over the next few months. (not years, or something that "sounds nice.)
4. Be clear, Are these Really your Goals?? Will you pay money and time to achieve these??
5. Why, are these your goals? Can you do something better with your life, time, and energy?
6. Are you considering the cost of quitting? If so, take a few days or weeks if needed to discover your REAL GOALS and then you will be ready to find your life coach!!

Congratulations you are of the 5% that truly want success for themselves and is willing to learn and pay for a life coach.

Once you know your goals, write them down (yes, you need to get a pen and paper out.) Don't skip this step or you will waste a ton of money on the wrong life coach. Not because of their teaching style, but because you were starting to look for life coach with no guide. You are unclear of the results your after.

Don't be that person that buys a cookbook to learn to bake bread, just to get home and realize that you purchased the book with no photos, unconverted measurements, and without the raisin bread recipe you wished to learn. Instead you wasted time, money and settled for a bland sugar cookie recipe.

List in hand of your goals, ask. Ask on social media, ask your friends, neighbors, strangers, everyone if they know someone that can help you ______. (what is a goal you are wanting to success at?) If you are unsocial, and prefer a different way there is a few more ways to find a life coach:

  • Listen to Amena.FM. My team and I interview people on Message of Hope, Stories from Struggle to Success. Most of these people are coaches and we provide their contact info!
  • Search coaching directory to find coaches of all types we have been growing with our team to have the largest global coaching directory. 
  • Subscribe to Amena's Youtube channel (type in browser Amena.Media). Their you will find free coaching content from life to business!
  • Sign up for Amena.Academy. Or purchase a online life coaching program on We have a 12-week program and self paced programs, which focuses on 8 key life areas, such as relationships, money, and self-care. There is even business coaching courses.

Don't fret. The right coach will feel right. Be sure to ask questions and open up to your goals, where you are now and where you like to be after your coaching. 

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Have Fun! Life is full of struggle and at times can feel quite depressing. You need a coach not a therapist (in my option). One to guide you as you grow, one to courage who you are building, one to excite and motivate you to be your best self!

w/Much Love ❤️🔥🚀 Amena Kay Thornton author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, investor, artist, mom and all that I yet to grow in too.