Marketing Consultant: What is an Online Marketing Consultant? 14 Ways to Market Online

What is an Online Marketing Consultant?

Online Marketing Consultants are individuals that have knowledge in ways to market online. By teaching online marketing skills these consultants can help businesses and individuals get noticed online. 

Remember you are your brand. You are what you post. Since this is all public online and what people 'see'.

A few ways online marketing consultants make money is by evaluating how a business can grow successfully online using social media, online advertising, SEO (search engine optimization), influencer collaborations, sales funnels, pop-ups, chat bots, email marketing campaigns, video marketing, review sites, press releases, maps, podcast and more to expose their clients to a broader clientele. 

In successfully using an online marketing consultant, businesses and individuals can improve their review ratings, continue to be in front of their clients anywhere online, and is able to build a on-going relationship with customers. 

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Let's break down each one of the Marketing Consultant Strategies to get a better understanding on how marketing can help a business or a individual online:

1. Online Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin: using a system of posting to pages, commenting, following, and liking to build online relationships for your business and personally

2. Online Advertising: Using Adsense for Google and Youtube, Facebook Ads for Instagram and Facebook, and Linkedin Ads

3. SEO (search engine optimization): Designing writing on websites, sales funnels, online post, hashtags, descriptions, link text, and photo text to rank higher on a search engine such as Google

4. Influencer Collaborations: Reach out to influencers on platforms such as instagram and facebook to get in front of their audiences and build your online authority

5. Sales Funnels: Creating sales funnel pages to focus targeted clients to purchase. These are useful online marketing tools to use to define different offers quickly to save time in expanding only your top marketing campaigns.

6. Pop-Ups: Add pop-ups to pages to collect client data to use in email campaigns and more importantly online advertising targeting.

7. Chat Bots: Use chat bots, such as Manychat, in your online marketing campaign links to improve your client experience

8. Email Marketing Campaigns: By correctly using email marketing campaigns you will stay in your clients minds and be able to scale your online marketing faster. Reselling a client is easier than first selling them.

9. Video Marketing: Using Youtube, Tiktok, IGTV, Facebook Video and others to get recurring views to your brand is one of the best way to build your online marketing campaigns

10. Review Sites: These are sites like Grubhub, Yelp, and Google Maps where a client leaves a review about the business. The more the stars the better.

11. Press Releases: There are thousands of online news resources and online magazines that take press release for their writers. They need content that is excited and original. 

12. Maps: Getting your place of business is important to get noticed online. Understanding how to get higher for your local search market can grow your business quickly. List on Google Maps first.

13. Podcast: Getting a podcast up and running is a skill that most online marketing companies will not cover, but if you do take the time and enough to setup, record and put out online it will be a great resource to your listeners and build up your authority in your market.

14. More ways Online Marketing Ideas: Collaborations, Clubhouse Apps, Shout Outs, Podcast Ads. Don't limit your efforts to get and stay in front of the people that paid you! Stay on top of new social platforms and new marketing. Put the most effort in the ones that are scaling.

Online Marketing Consultants will not do the labor of putting the marketing together for the business or individuals seeking to get online marketing. A online marketing company is needed to put in the work to design campaigns with images and text to be used throughout the different ways to market online.

Not all online marketing company's can provide all the marketing services as mentioned in this article. Most online marketing companies focus on one area or a few different ones to help their clients.

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It takes a lot of specialized knowledge to get a full scale marketing campaign together. Global Services has coaches, marketing services and virtual assistants to do your online marketing or set you up an appointment with our team to have us do the work for you!

If you are considering becoming an online marketer, check out the self paced coaching programs offered by Amena.Academy