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Art and Life Inspiration, Motivation, & Aspiration - Just Breathe Out

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During the past few month's I have been stuck on completing anything. I have four projects to complete and don't have the inspiration to complete any of them, at least that's what I thought. I did know that I was interest in the artwork for the projects, and I had motivation to complete them; I wanted to complete them!


Come to find out, a lot of artist and people feel this way. That the root of the issue at hand is "Aspiration". Just to be clear, I needed to be in a state of mind that "instills a strong ambition" in mind to complete the task at hand. After all, these projects that I speak of are not for others as a commission. I was not forced to make the artwork nor needed to complete any of them. The artwork was making me happy and I wished to share it will others that hopefully found happiest with them as well. 

I started all these projects with a goal in mind, but then along the way became unconfident in my abilities as a artist, and found another avenues of art to pursue within my comfort zone. Which felt great at the time! Since I gained confidence in the new artwork I was doing.

But then it hit me, no projects were getting completed as I set out to do.

I was now looking at a huge pile of artwork that "was in the works" and thinking it was a black hole! A endless pile of art I could never possibly complete in any amount of time.  How depressing...

I took a break from all art and went on vacation to hopefully find my artist voice again. Which I am please to say I did. However, it wasn't over night and it wasn't from the trip, per se, it was after reading and listening to other artist and leaders in business struggle with their own goals and abilities.

(Yes, I was feet away from the Mona Lisa in Paris.)

As many of the speakers I listened to on youtube's "TED" conferences pointed out in their own way, I needed to have aspiration again. I need to stop worrying about the end result's, and the what if's, and the how comes. Focusing on what drives me in the first place; to love art and have fun making art that I love to make, even in those time's that I feel I can't find inspiration.

Inspiration is everywhere! It is in the life I have lived, the places and people I know, and the objects that speak to me. Moving forward I will be sure to remind myself to aspirate and take risk in my skills and stop putting myself down on my lack of... as the Nike brand points out "Just do it!"


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