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Art Gallery / Art Collections 2016 - Current

Online Art Gallery of Collections and Individual Art by Amena Kay

French Flower Collection and Coloring Book:
(2017 - current)

Lily of the Valley- French Flower Collection Artwork SunFlower Artwork - French Flower Collection ArtLavender Art - French Flower CollectionCalla Lily Art - French Flower CollectionStylized Lily Art - French Flower Collection HollyHockCommon Primrose Art - French Flower CollectionLilac Art - French Flower CollectionHydrangea Art - French Flower Collection

Newest Collection and Coloring Book in the works. No planned released date currently. Artwork is still being developed for this collection. Some of the line work in this collection will be featured as limited edition prints.


Animals with Occupations
(2017 - current)

Animals with Occupations Art Cover Mock Up Croc Hairstylist Art - Animals with Occupations ArtworkParrot Programmer Art - Animals with Occupations ArtworkSwam Yoga Art - Animals with Occupations ArtworkReindeer Santa Art - Animals with Occupations ArtworkCrow Youtuber Art - Animals with Occupations ArtworkWolf Pro Biker Art - Animals with Occupations Artwork

Half way completed collection for the coloring pages in the book.



Dragons in the Garden Coloring Book
(2016 - current)

Artwork in this collection is finalized, but waiting on inking and detail work before cover designs are to be made.

 Treehouse Art - Dragons in the Garden Art Coloring BookSeek Art - Dragons in the Garden Art Coloring BookClout Watching Art - Dragons in the Garden Art Coloring BookChalk Art - Dragons in the Garden Art Coloring BookFireworks Art - Dragons in the Garden Art Coloring BookHammock Reading Art - Dragons in the Garden Art Coloring Book



Star Constellations Coloring Book
(2016 - current - ON HOLD)

This project is currently on hold for the time being.

 Cerus Whale Art - Star Constellations Coloring BookVirgo Art - Star Constellations Coloring BookGemini Art - Star Constellations Coloring BookStagittarius Art - Star Constellations Coloring BookCapicorn Art - Star Constellations Coloring BookPisces Art - Star Constellations Coloring Book


Animal Paper Puppets and Coloring Book
(2016 - current)

Seahorse Tails Art 3 - Paper Toy ArtworkSeahorse Tails Art 1 - Paper Toy ArtworkSeahorse Hair Art 2 - Paper Toy Artwork

This is a small project just on hold temporary. It is only 3 characters and 3 pages each of clothing and stuff for each character. It needs to be inked. May be digital download only.



Dragon Food Coloring Book
(2017 Completed) 

As the title points out the coloring pages feature Dragons and Food. Each page is unique and delightful, with dragons as food or eating some of America's favorite foods; like pizza, hot dogs, pretzels, and cookies!

Available now in published book form only. No Hand Made Spiral Bound copy's available. BUY COLORING BOOK NOW



Zen Legends Coloring Book & Collection Prints
(2016 Completed)

Coloring Book for All Ages Includes Dragons, Fairy, Mermaid, and More

Within the pages of this relaxing coloring book you color mythical beast and legends; such as a Fairy, a Sphinx, Medusa, and much more. On the back of the book features a guide to learn all the names. Now in published book form and Hand Made Spiral Bound copies available. BUY COLORING BOOK NOW

Colored open-edition prints are limited, only available on Shop - CLICK HERE



Musical Dragons Coloring Book
(2016 Completed) 

Dragons with Musical Instruments Coloring Book with Descriptions of each Music Instrument.

This all-age whimsical coloring book features dragons with musical instruments, in fun clothing, and with instrument names to use as a learning guide. Now in published book form and Hand Made Spiral Bound copies. BUY COLORING BOOK NOW


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