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Zen Legends Coloring Book - A Mythical Creature Coloring Book

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This coloring book has mythical creatures to color! Each character is detailed with a beautiful design to enhance the coloring time to a relaxing mood. Sit back and just color a favorited mythical legend.

Each page in the coloring book features one, unique creature, with no image on the back side. Also, on the back cover all the names of the creatures are shown for learning and quick look up.

"I hope you enjoy the creatures I made for you. They a whimsical and unique bunch of characters, just like people with there own sent of expressions." - Amena Kay

Purchase now for a fun and relaxing magical journey into creatures of legend! 


--Binding Options Available---

Book Binding - Bound, Mass Market Coloring Book Edition. Artwork is printed on one-side to prevent bleed. Best to color with color pencils, and felt markers.

Hand-Made Spiral Bound - Direct From Artist Studio, Each Hand-Made Spiral Bound Book is on Thick Pages to Prevent Bleed with use for paints and ink markers. (Alcohol Based Markers and Heavy Use of Water may still bleed.) 

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